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You Can Lead A Group Fly

Join Howard Thursday evening at 5pm, 2100 zulu for a insight on how you can be the lead pilot on one of Howard’s group fly events on weekends. Show your area of the world to everyone from the perspective of Flight Simulator and it’s spectacular photogrammetry scenery. It’s all there, just waiting for us toContinue reading “You Can Lead A Group Fly”

17 Hour Endurance Race

Even if you don’t fly the Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can join in, watch and even witness Howard singing during those long, dark, over-the-water passages with his Professional Karaoke tracks streaming live over twitch. There will also be 10 Orbx giveaways during the race for anything on the Orbx site. It all starts Saturday, 7:30pmContinue reading “17 Hour Endurance Race”

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