Tuesday Flying Lesson and Group Fly

Tuesday’s livestream is “Approaching Airports” and starts at 4pm Eastern, 8pm Zulu. http://twitch.tv/ForderLearnToFly

Come along to learn or review how to approach your destination airport to land. We will learn the same procedures real pilots use.

I hope you will join me in reviewing procedures to get into the airport’s control zone and landing properly. This will cover both controlled airports that have a person on a radio and uncontrolled airports where you have to call every position to the common frequency. This is a follow-on to last week’s lesson on Pitch vs Power to have a relaxed, controlled landing.

The lesson and the demonstrations are first, then we can group fly to practice our newfound skills or just casual fly to an area of your choice. If you wish to wait at the apron during demonstrations to observe, we will be flying into Oshawa (CYOO) and Markham (CNU8). The advantage of livestream lessons is that you get to ask questions and make comments in the chat session.


Subscribers: to the twitch channel have private fly-ins with more realistic flying (real checklists and procedures). You can use your Amazon Prime to subscribe to a Tier without costing you any more. This helps Howard support the channel and keep it going. All subscription money goes right back in to buy scenery or planes etc.

If you wish to subscribe there are three Tiers. Just hit the “Subscribe” button in the stream:

  1. Tier 1: Fying Club
  2. Tier 2: Student Pilot
  3. Tier 3: Serious Aviator
Mainly used by flying students in real life (IRL) or in Howard’s flying classes using a simulator on Udemy and Skillshare

All subscribers have extra benefits and are usually simmers who want to learn to fly properly. All subscribers get more personal and private instruction at the airport of their choice. Tier 2 and 3 subscribers also get free access to ForderLearnToFly courses on Udemy.com (each course is normally $50) Tier 3 gets unlimited private flying lessons at the airport of your choice.

You could even subscribe to Tier 1 for 3 months at a discount and get a free flying course with Howard on Udemy.com (just an idea), then your monthly is affordable.

Published by hforder

A Microsoft Trainer, Systems Engineer and lover of all things technical. A sailor, flyer, and musician.

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