The Prince Tour

Come watch or join in our Saturday Group Fly from Prince Rupert to Prince George in the BC interior. Lots of lakes, rivers and mountains for a whole lot of fun and a flying challenge.

Andrew and Forder will be flying the Grumman Goose so they can land on water or on runways. Bring the plane of your choice but ensure it can keep up to 120 knots or more.

Saturday, April 30th, 9am Eastern (1300GMT) and we welcome all flyers on Xbox or PC. No extra scenery required on this one. Let’s get together on this family friendly channel and have fun.

You can download the flightplan here:

CYPR to CYXS and a whole lot of waypoints in between. So much fun, so little time.

Published by hforder

A Microsoft Certified Trainer, Systems Engineer and lover of all things technical. A sailor, Pilot, and musician. Streaming on 4 times a week.

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