Tuesday Lesson: Airport Markings

Day and night markings to get you around an airport and what they all mean. Tune in Tuesday, October 30th at 4pm Eastern, 8pm zulu to find out what a “runway displacement” is for and what colour are the lights around an apron. What do “piano keys” represent and why does Howard keep saying, “redContinue reading “Tuesday Lesson: Airport Markings”

Group Fly Sunday in Florida

Come and join Howard Sunday, October 11, at 7pm Eastern 11pm zulu as we gather at St. Petersburg Florida, over to Lakeland, home of Sun ‘N Fun, then on to the Bok Tower, up to Kissimmee airport, through Disneyland, over to Orlando Airport and finally over to the east coast to sightsee the Kennedy SpaceContinue reading “Group Fly Sunday in Florida”

Home Cockpit Solution

Thursday, October 8th at 4pm Eastern, 8pm Zulu, Howard starts his twitch livestream and walks us through another solution worth considering in your home cockpit. This session focuses on Air Manager for instruments separate from your main scenery screen and an added bonus of the “Knobster” to handle instrument adjustment. Join us on twitch atContinue reading “Home Cockpit Solution”

The Circuit: Tuesday Flying Lesson

Tuesday, October 6th, at 4pm Eastern Time, 8pm Zulu. Join Howard on the twitch livestream as he walks us through the airport circuit and how to determine directions and elevations very easily. A quiz at the end of the lesson and then practice at Oshawa, Ontario airport, the topic of the demonstrations and calculations. (CYOO).Continue reading “The Circuit: Tuesday Flying Lesson”

Rome, Italy Tour & Group Fly-in

Sunday, October 4th, 7pm Eastern, 11pm Zulu For those who have the new flight simulator, come join them in the skies over Rome as a group flight with two challenge landings: one at Circus Maximus and the other in the heart of the Vatican, St. Peter’s Square. Open to everyone to witness or to fly.Continue reading “Rome, Italy Tour & Group Fly-in”

Tuesday Flying Lesson and Group Fly

Tuesday’s livestream is “Approaching Airports” and starts at 4pm Eastern, 8pm Zulu. http://twitch.tv/ForderLearnToFly I hope you will join me in reviewing procedures to get into the airport’s control zone and landing properly. This will cover both controlled airports that have a person on a radio and uncontrolled airports where you have to call every positionContinue reading “Tuesday Flying Lesson and Group Fly”