First MSFS Helicopter & TrackIR

Two main topics on our regular Thursdays Cockpit Chatter twitch session: The first real helicopter and using TrackIR 5 for head-tracking. Two requested topics that we will cover so you know what they are and how good or bad they are. Join Howard, the moderators on voice and the whole chat room group on Thursday,Continue reading “First MSFS Helicopter & TrackIR”

Jayne Lesson on the MSFSofficial Channel

Jayne is the Community Manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Join Jayne and me in Lesson 11 on the MSFSofficial twitch channel Wednesday, May 5th at 5pm, 2100 zulu. We will be covering short fields and soft field techniques for landing and taking off. These are two crucial skills for access to smaller airstrips around theContinue reading “Jayne Lesson on the MSFSofficial Channel”

Cockpit Chatter: Gamertags & Cockpit Hardware

Join Howard as the discussion is all around how you got your Xbox gamertag. In addition, he continues his display of your home cockpit setup with pictures from “screenshots” from his Discord channel. When in twitch chat, just type !discord to get the invite. Thurdsday, April 22, 5pm Eastern, 2100 Zulu. on

Tuesday Lesson: CRJ-700 Lesson 2

Join me Tuesday, April 20th for our second lesson on using the Aerosoft CRJ-700 from cold and dark to our final destination in this multi-part series led by a currently active real-life airline pilot, ductmonfault. This is going to be another packed session with high interest as you can’t just spawn a plane like thisContinue reading “Tuesday Lesson: CRJ-700 Lesson 2”

17 Hour Endurance Race

Even if you don’t fly the Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can join in, watch and even witness Howard singing during those long, dark, over-the-water passages with his Professional Karaoke tracks streaming live over twitch. There will also be 10 Orbx giveaways during the race for anything on the Orbx site. It all starts Saturday, 7:30pmContinue reading “17 Hour Endurance Race”