17 Hour Endurance Race

Even if you don’t fly the Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can join in, watch and even witness Howard singing during those long, dark, over-the-water passages with his Professional Karaoke tracks streaming live over twitch. There will also be 10 Orbx giveaways during the race for anything on the Orbx site. It all starts Saturday, 7:30pmContinue reading “17 Hour Endurance Race”

Emergency Off-Airport Landings

An engine failure is rare in an airplane. So much redundancy is built-in and checklists are followed meticulously. But all pilots are trained in handling that rare moment when your engine quits and you cannot sustain flight anymore. Join me Wednesday evening as I lead Jayne, her fellow student-pilots on voice and a chat crowdContinue reading “Emergency Off-Airport Landings”

G1000 Navigation

Tuesday with “Steam to Glass” was about the transition from conventional gauges to the “Glass Cockpit” complete with a demonstration afterwards using the G1000 in a Cessna 172 at Toronto Island Airport (CYTZ) Thursday we continue using the G1000 and focus on navigation and auto-pilot (AP). Don’t miss this important session that everyone keeps askingContinue reading “G1000 Navigation”