Guest Pilot Matt – San Francisco

Join us Sunday evening in multiplayer as we learn how a real student pilot handles the busy San Fransisco area traffic. Matt is a student pilot IRL and is taking lessons out of KSQL, San Carlos airport. It’s a busy airspace with many airports all around and restrictions on overlapping control zones. Matt will takeContinue reading “Guest Pilot Matt – San Francisco”

The Famous FISK Approach to OSHKOSH

Event using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (not FSX, Xplane, or Prepar3d) Come join in the fun as we multiplayer group fly through the Ripon/FISK approach to OSHKOSH for precision flying and “landing on the dot”. A right of passage for aviators. Do you think you can “land on the Dot?” Calling all MSFS pilots to getContinue reading “The Famous FISK Approach to OSHKOSH”

Learn To Fly MSFSofficial LiveStream

Join us tonight all you noobies (as Jayne calls them), pilots and flight instructors alike. All are welcome as we tackle the second flight lesson for Jayne, the MSFSofficial Community Manager and Howard’s student in the learn to fly series. It will be live-streamed on the MSFSofficial twitch channel Wednesday, December 16th at 5pm Eastern.Continue reading “Learn To Fly MSFSofficial LiveStream”

Spruce Goose Museum: Group Fly

Sunday Group fly is being led by our own subscriber: Floxtrot Come and fly with us or watch on December 13th, 7pm Eastern. As with all group flying events, we use the “Game of the Year” Microsoft Flight Simulator with all it’s gorgeous photogrammetry scenery for stunning visual scenery as it really is. OurContinue reading “Spruce Goose Museum: Group Fly”

The POH: Checklists & V-speeds

Join me Tuesday, November 17th at 4pm Eastern for another in-depth lesson on Learning To Fly using Flight Simulator. In this session, you will learn the importance of obtaining the POH for each airplane you wish to fly and how to extract the important stuff out of them. See you then! Discord channel invite:Continue reading “The POH: Checklists & V-speeds”