Pop-Up Practice Today

As promised on-stream Thursday, we are having another orientation/practice event today, Friday the 28th at 5pm Eastern 2100 zulu (right after the MSFSofficial group fly) We are flying out of the famous Greece airport: LGTG where we will all be participating in a lesson with the TwoToneMurphy’s Thunderflys on Saturday. East USA server for today.Continue reading “Pop-Up Practice Today”

Practice the 339 Jet for Saturday

Join Howard today as he helps us get acquainted with the MB-339 jet in preparation for Saturday’s formation flight airshow and fly-along. The Two-Tone-Murphy’s “Thunderflys” formation team will be giving an airshow on Saturday and then we all get to join-in for a lesson and a group fly. We will attempt the largest formation flyContinue reading “Practice the 339 Jet for Saturday”

Sunday Group Fly – Caribbean

Caribbean music, island hopping in a floatplane and great discussions along the way. Life is good. Come fly in multiplayer or just watch and participate in chat. https://twitch.tv/ForderLearnToFly We take a closer look at Orbx’s Vessels in Anguillla, St Martin and St Barts. Tall ships, yachts, and sailboats. A great addition to the vacation islands.Continue reading “Sunday Group Fly – Caribbean”