Group Fly Sunday with Prizes

Come watch or fly with us in MSFS Group Fly Sunday, July 25th at 7pm Eastern 2300 zulu. 6 prizes to give away with anything on the website. This is part of the #flyjuly21 initiative from Orbx this month. This is going to be massive! When you come to twitch, the multiplayer serverContinue reading “Group Fly Sunday with Prizes”

Come Fly in Norway!

Come and watch the beautify scenery from the air or join in with MSFS as a group fly. This will be one of many flights through beautiful Norway. 7pm Eastern, 2300 zulu on the channel Sunday, July 18th 2021 Remember that subscribers get special events and discounts on Forder’s online flying classes. Use yourContinue reading “Come Fly in Norway!”

The Marathon Rally – Paris to Dakar will be covering it live with our “Eye in the Sky” Forder Reporters. We will be keeping you updated on the race, stats, strategies and interviews. The race starts at 8 am Paris Time and won’t finish until all contestants are finished. This will be 20 to 30 hours depending on conditions. With thisContinue reading “The Marathon Rally – Paris to Dakar”

Paris to Dakar News Coverage Rehearsal

Come join us Thursday evening as we rehearse our role in the Paris-Dakar endurance race. We need flyers to start flying the route as if they are contestants. We need those of you who wish to be reporters. You would fly/slew up to a contestant airplane, stay on their side as we ask them toContinue reading “Paris to Dakar News Coverage Rehearsal”