Air Manager, Knobster & Shared Cockpit

On Thursday, November 12th, 2100 Zulu, Howard steps us through the installation and configuration of a touchscreen to the cockpit. He will install Air Manager and then add the USB “Knobster” control to manage it all. As a second topic on Thursday, Howard will finish the configuration of his firewall and get the shared cockpitContinue reading “Air Manager, Knobster & Shared Cockpit”

We are Hosting on MSFSOfficial

That’s right, Howard is flying and Elaine is the tour guide as we fly out of Fiumicino airport (LIRF) (Leonardo Da Vinci airport) in Rome, Italy and tour the surrounding hills, then straight into the monuments that tourists flock to see. Along the way there are a couple of landing challenges for those who thinkContinue reading “We are Hosting on MSFSOfficial”

Tuesday Lesson: Landings

The second-most requested lesson is on landing and airplane in Flight Simulator. For real-world pilots, ground school theory and many hours of practice with a CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) conditions us to automatically enter, adjust and land an airplane. Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 at 4pm Eastern Time, 9pm Zulu For the rest of youContinue reading “Tuesday Lesson: Landings”

Photo Album Last Weekend

It’s here! I have published our photo album from last weekend. We started in Toronto, Canada… flew across Lake Ontario to Niagara Falls at night, then jumped over to Rio to fly around Christ the Redeemer statue. We finally took up the challenge at Lukla airport in my new Canadian livery for the TBMContinue reading “Photo Album Last Weekend”

Jet Fighter Addition (or Addiction)

Thursday, October 29th, at 4pm Eastern Time, 8pm Zulu. Howard installs and introduces us to the only fighter jet fully functional in MSFS, the Aermacchi MB-339. During this twitch livestream, we take off from Toronto City Center airport (Billy Bishop) and get very high, very fast. The harder part will be getting back onContinue reading “Jet Fighter Addition (or Addiction)”