Cockpit Chatter: Airliner Controls

Tune in Thursday, March 4th at 5pm Eastern as Howard demonstrates two cockpit additions: an Airbus throttle quadrant and a Boeing Throttle quadrant. These additions to your home cockpit just make flying the heavies more realistic. For those of you who have been following our “Fly the Heavies” series on Tuesdays with vnavpth, this willContinue reading “Cockpit Chatter: Airliner Controls”

Group Fly to The End of The Earth!

Welcome all flyers of Microsoft Flight Simulator, students, pilots, CFIs and casual viewers. Come fly and discover some awesome scenery in the UK north. Add your own comments if you have information about where we fly. And if you are from the area, let’s overfly your house together! We do challenge landings every chance weContinue reading “Group Fly to The End of The Earth!”

Flying The Heavies: Lesson 3

Join me Tuesdays for this new series and a real-life airline pilot as he takes us through the checklists and the real-world experience managing and flying the airline heavies. Alan (vnavpth) has flown many airplanes in his career and is currently flying the Boeing 757 and 767 series of aircraft. On our Tuesday Lesson evenings,Continue reading “Flying The Heavies: Lesson 3”

Group Fly: Chicago to Oshkosh

Join us Saturday morning, January 6th at 8am Eastern, 1pm GMT (zulu) for a group fly from Chicago Midway through the windy city, around Meigs Field (new scenery) and up the Lake Michigan coast with a final FISK approach to KOSH, the famous FISK approach to Oshkosh. Once in chat, type !fly and !flightplanContinue reading “Group Fly: Chicago to Oshkosh”

Make Your Own Yoke/Throttle Quadrant!

A special twitch session this evening from an accessory maker. Vince Prints has figured out how to make his own yoke, throttle quadrant and radio stack. You can too after you tune in to his insight on how to make these things. Very interesting, especially when these things are hard to find. Thursday, February 4th,Continue reading “Make Your Own Yoke/Throttle Quadrant!”