Becoming a Pilot

Join me Tuesday, January 19th, at 5pm Eastern for a lesson and discussion on Becoming a Pilot. Howard will go through all the realistic requirements to become a Private Pilot and then explain other ratings, certifications and a career path for many. If you can’t attend live and join in the chat discussions, please visitContinue reading “Becoming a Pilot”

Group Fly Sundays

Join me Sunday night as we lead a group of general aviation flyers through the UK countryside, over the famous Victory sailing ship in Portsmouth Harbour and out to sea where we execute touch and go’s and attempt to land on an aircraft carrier. When: Sunday, December 20th, 7pm Eastern (1200 am Zulu) on Howard’sContinue reading “Group Fly Sundays”

The Shepherd

Special Live Drama: The Shepherd on staring familiar streamers, pilots and faces on SeedyL’s channel 8pm tonight. SimTom, FactualGull, SeedyL, Forder and Jayne to name a few…. don’t miss it!  Musical selections played on Cello by Jayne, of the MSFSofficial channel. And of course SimTom and SeedyL flying in MS Flight Simulator all along.

The Run-Up

Our lesson this week on is the importance of the Run-Up This important procedure on the ground is crucial to a successful flight once we take to the skies. Before tomorrow’s lesson on the MSFSofficial twitch channel with Jayne, we need to understand why we do this procedure on the ground called “The Run-Up”Continue reading “The Run-Up”


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