The Mach Loop Race

Come join the fun today as a couple dozen brave pilots tackle the famous Mach Loop racetrack in the sky in North Wales. This challenging race for pilots keeps you on your toes and your eyes wide open. Famous for military displays of “Top Gun” material. Categories include the low and the slow all theContinue reading “The Mach Loop Race”

Pop-Up Practice Today

As promised on-stream Thursday, we are having another orientation/practice event today, Friday the 28th at 5pm Eastern 2100 zulu (right after the MSFSofficial group fly) We are flying out of the famous Greece airport: LGTG where we will all be participating in a lesson with the TwoToneMurphy’s Thunderflys on Saturday. East USA server for today.Continue reading “Pop-Up Practice Today”

DIY Heli Collective

& Bravo Throttle Quadrant Setup Come join in for our Thursday Cockpit Chatter where we discuss hardware and software for your home cockpit. This week we show you how to make your own helicopter collective; the part that makes the heli go up or come back down. We will also cover how to setup theContinue reading “DIY Heli Collective”

Weekend Group !fly

Welcome everyone as we take to the custom Cessna 152 STOL (short takeoff and Landing) airplane made by our own sjfly2. Sj modded’ our standard 152 to give is this great performance; perfect for getting in and out of back country airstrips. When you get to twitch chat, type !fly and !flightplan and then !filesContinue reading “Weekend Group !fly”

Tuesday Lesson: VORs

Join Howard for another Tuesday Lesson on flying using Microsoft Flight Simulator. The VOR. How to find them, tune them and use them. This handy radio navigation aid is the basis for cross-country precision location and guidance systems. Every plane has it, even the basic Cessna 152 trainer. When you hear the expression, “Fly theContinue reading “Tuesday Lesson: VORs”

Group !fly – Sunday Night

The well-travelled corridor from Ottawa to Montreal. Then we add more to the trip in the areas Howard is familiar with: Petawawa/Pembroke, where he served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Along the way we travel through the busy capital city of Ottawa and the nearby Aviation Museum at Rockcliffe Airport, where the Avro Arrow legendContinue reading “Group !fly – Sunday Night”


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