On the Road to OSHKOSH

Our big landing challenge at OSHKOSH is Saturday, January 22nd. Many of us are travelling from all parts of the world to get there in MSFS. Join us Sunday evening, January 16th at 7pm Eastern to watch, participate and even fly along in multiplayer Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our family-friendly channel welcomes everyone of any ageContinue reading “On the Road to OSHKOSH”

F/A-18 Hornet Training

Come watch or join in and learn from “Chunky”, a multiple thousand hours on the F/A-18 flyer in Flight Simulator. Our Tuesday lesson tonight is airframe familiarity and a quick flight to get us in the air. This is the first of a 3 part series. at 5pm Eastern, 2200z Tuesday, January 11th.

Sunday Group Fly

Come and watch or fly along in MSFS with our Sunday group fly. live now! This low and slow in the 152 or the new FK9 as examples, starting at Southend (EGMC) and follow the river. So much fun, so little time.

Sunday Group Fly

Join us Sunday evening for our weekend group fly on 7pm (with Daylight Savings now) so it’s 2400 GMT or 0000 zulu. Let’s get together, bring your friends and discover new places and new people. When you get to twitch chat, type !fly and !flightplan

Canadian Bush Flying

Come join us Saturday to fly along or watch as we attempt 40 water landings in one morning. Led by seasoned real-life pilot, CharlieFox27 and flown on anything that has floats, we will hear the stories and the history of the famous bush flying area in Canada. It’s all happening this Saturday, November 6th, atContinue reading “Canadian Bush Flying”


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