In this area are files that supplement the courses. Some are free aircraft or scenery files, others are extra documents such as checklists that you can use. (under construction.. will be finished by June, 2020 (new to WordPress and working on it)

Cessna 172N Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) PDF

Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH)

The Cessna 172N Procedures Guide:

Cessna 172N Procedures Guide

Cessna 172 Checklist from a Flying Club:

Checklist from a Flying Club

Build Your Own FlightDeck PDF:

Build Your Own FlightDeck

DIY Flight Simulator Cockpit from PDF:

DIY Flight Simulator Cockpit

The Ants Drifter V2000 Ultralight on floats (free version, floats only)

Ants Drifter Ultralight FSX

Practices for the Advanced Flyer:

Practices Now that You’re Advanced

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